Relocation Support Services

Anybody who has ever moved to a new home can attest to this:  moving is a big job.  Relocating a company can be far more daunting still.  Many choose to tackle the job themselves, as it seems intuitive and manageable.  The truth is, it takes a lot of planning and coordination for a relocation to go smoothly, and the only real way to learn how to do it is through experience.

IFS has been providing relocation support since its inception in 1994.  We know exactly what needs to happen, when and how it needs to happen, and how to minimize the disruption and costs inherent in moving.

Benefits of 3rd Party Relocation Support

  • Experience... Avoid rookie mistakes Experience makes all the difference on this playing field.

  • Time... Many companies simply don't have staff available to adequately plan and manage a relocation.

  • Value... Efficiency, experience, engineering.  They all add up to cost savings.


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