IT Services and Consulting

Collectively, our staff has decades of experience solving problems on and with PCs, and we offer a unique combination of flexibility and depth.

We see problems as a challenge and will often go to great lengths of research and experimentation to achieve a solution. However, if a problem requires a level of expertise above our current capabilities, we would either: 1) gain the required knowledge but not ask the client to pay for the time that reflects our learning curve; 2) bring in one of our associates; or, 3) direct the job to the appropriate outside firm and coordinate the work with them.  In a sense, we can become co-IT managers with you, flexibly allocating the resources that make the best economic sense.

In terms of depth, our skill set includes systems development, programming, networking, and IT management, coupled with the less common components of teaching and application proficiency.  The discipline required to develop and present computer classes and seminars locally and around the country has given us the ability to clearly transmit concepts and techniques.